Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy

of New England


“We proudly pass on a legacy of knowledge that has been handed down for thousands of years. We strive to teach the highest quality traditional kung fu, which is not easily found in other schools, and provide a welcoming, safe, and positive environment which focuses on the development of each individual as they learn and grow at their own pace.”

– Sigung Joe Maury
Hua Quan Master Intructor

Kids Classes

Learn discipline and self-confidence in a fun, welcoming environment. The learning style is friendly and hands-on, the perfect place to build a foundation for a lifetime of fitness.


Adult Classes

Challenge yourself to achieve something great: build power, endurance, speed, and flexibility as you join us in the study of Huaquan, an ancient style of Northern Long Fist Kung Fu.


Tai Chi

Join us for Tai Chi, a study in grace and balance, a meditation in motion, a method of increasing flexibility and ease of motion, and a great stress reliever besides.


What Our Students are Saying:

” Metro West / Central MA Hidden Gem – Sifu Gary Lachapelle is one of the best teachers anyone can hope for. I’ve been a student in this school since September 2010 and have benefited TREMENDOUSLY. This Kung Fu & Tai Chi is awesome! ”

Matt Simpson

Student, Worcester Kung Fu

I graduated here in 2007, put on resume and got accepted for US Army Officer Candidate School.This place is awesome!!!”

Cuong Tran

“They don’t just become your teachers, they become your family! A+ ”

Jesse Williams

Student, Worcester Kung Fu

“My kids have grown so much since starting this school. Great teacher and a great atmosphere. Strong focus on respect, discipline, and ancient art of Kung Fu. We love this school! ”

Lopez Family

Students, Worcester Kung Fu