Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England


“We proudly pass on a legacy of knowledge that has been handed down for thousands of years. We strive to teach the highest quality traditional kung fu, which is not easily found in other schools, and provide a welcoming, safe, and positive environment which focuses on the development of each individual as they learn and grow at their own pace.”

– Sigung Joe Maury
Hua Quan Master Intructor

Kids Kung Fu

Learn discipline and self-confidence in a fun, welcoming environment. The learning style is friendly and hands-on, the perfect place to build a foundation for a lifetime of fitness.

Adult Kung Fu

Challenge yourself to achieve something great: build power, endurance, speed, and flexibility as you join us in the study of Huaquan, an ancient style of Northern Long Fist Kung Fu.

Tai Chi

Join us for Tai Chi, a study in grace and balance, a meditation in motion, a method of increasing flexibility and ease of motion, and a great stress reliever besides.

What Our Students are Saying:

“Training here is more than being part of a team, as I now feel like part of an incredibly supportive family. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, as it is great for both kids and adults.”

Dennis Daubney
Student, Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England

“I have studied under Sifu Gary LaChapelle for about three years now, learning both the ancient and beautiful Hua Chuan long fist style of kung-fu & the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. I can’t say enough positive things about our school. As a “high-mileage” adult, I always feel better physically and have a more positive mentality when I finish classes with Sifu Gary. I highly recommend the Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy Of New England to everyone.  Come on in and try a free class. I assure you, you won’t be sorry you did”

Mike Renner
Student, Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England

“We have nothing but positive things to say about Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy. Both my son and daughter have attend this school since 2011. We’ve had a great experience with this school. It is a family run business and they make sure everyone is welcome and enjoy their learning experience. Sifu Gary and Sije Cheyenne are great teacher and they are part of our family.”

Luc Nguyen

“I’ve studied martial arts with five different teachers before meeting Sifu Gary LaChapelle and I have to admit, he is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.  He makes Kung Fu and Tai Chi achievable for a person of any age or ability.  In the five years I’ve been studying with him, I’ve seen him connect with everyone, each time in a meaningful way.  He truly loves what he gets to teach and enjoys sharing it at every opportunity.  With so much variety in long fist kung fu, I can see why he loves it.  His passion is infectious.”

Kevin Simpson
Student, Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England

“I’ve been studying Tai Chi and Kung Fu for 9 years now in this school with Sifu Gary.  I started when I was 42 years old after NOT doing any martial arts for 20 years.  Sifu Gary makes it fun!  I’ve learned so much and put my body back in shape.  I’ll be doing this for life.  This school is a HIDDEN GEM in the community!  The Kung Fu & Tai Chi have deep roots (not an eclectic blend of various things).  Sifu Gary is very well connected and respected in New England.  And he’s just one of the best people I know.”

Matt Simpson
Student, Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England

“My son has been practicing Kung fu for over 10 years. Sifu Gary is one of the best teachers around.  The higher black belts at the school are very welcoming and always willing to help out.  This is truly our second home and second family.”

The Kung Fu Kids

“I’ve been doing Kung Fu with them for five years and have loved every second. These people are my family and my friends. Sifu Gary is a wonderful, funny, engaging teacher as well as an inspiration. I can’t imagine my life without this Kung Fu school.”

Robert Moll
Student, Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy of New England