Sigung Gregg

Teacher of our Teacher

Shifu Gary & Shifu Cheyenne train with Sigung Gregg. 

Sigung Gregg is the Owner and Operator of Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu. Shifu Gregg been training for 39 years in Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts, intense training in 18 classical Chinese weapons as well as fighting full contact and full applications with weaponry.

Shifu Gregg has fought all around the world putting his style to the test, in such places as Thailand, Philippines, China, Puerto Rico, Canada and all over the United States.   He was also in several small movie rolls such as West side willy in “Blood of A Champion”,  “The Empty Hand” and the off Broadway play that spanned 32 venues ‘ Once upon a time in Chinese America 1999’.

His philosophy on teaching students is keeping to the old traditional ways of teaching Kung Fu. No matter the skill level, the classes should remain challenging for all students. 

Family, togetherness, loyalty and dedication are the key factors in to building a traditional school.  Here at the Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu School, Shifu Gregg keeps a family oriented environment but maintains the hardcore martial arts environment and ethics.